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Homologation (Survey) File Transfers (rover phone to rover phone)
When multiple Rovers want to use the same survey data for a particular slalom or jump course, it is much easier for one rover to do the initial survey and then the file be migrated to the other rover phones rather than each rover do its own survey.

To transfer a survey file from one rover phone to one or more other rovers, do the following:

On all phones:
  • Ensure all phones have internet access.
  • Go into Survey Mode and select "File Transfers ID". Enter a suitable ID which will identify the phones to the transfer server, eg "MikeBaileyTransfers". Note that you only have to do this once and the ID will remain set until you change it to something else. The File Transfers ID on all phones must be exactly the same.

On the receiving phone(s):
  • Go into one of the Survey Modes.
  • From the menu, select "Enable File Transfers...".

On the sending phone:
  • In Survey Mode, load the survey file you wish to send.
  • From the Survey Mode menu, click "Send File..."

On the receiving phone(s):
  • Go into Survey Mode and select "Load File...". The received file should be listed and can be loaded if required.
  • Go into Boat Lane Mode and "Select Course..." in the usual way.
  • After receiving all required files, select "Disable File Transfers" from the menu.

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