System Requirements - Sure-Path GPS Boat Lane Tracking

Boat Lane Tracking
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System Requirements
The system as supplied comes with two RTK capable GPS receivers, one configured as a Base, the other as a Rover. Also supplied are two Android phones, two dual frequency GPS antennae complete with cables and connectors, a pylon mount with which to mount the Rover antenna in the boat, a mini tripod for the Base antennae and various connecting leads.

The following will need to be sourced separately:

  • If using 3G/4G for data transmission between Base and Rover (the usual method), the supplied phones will need active SIM cards with data plans. We estimate that for 30 x 10hr days, a Sure-Path system uses about 600MB of data and therefore the data plans do not need to be expensive. If you already have a WiFi setup (such as the excellent Ubiquiti series) that covers the boat lane AND the area that the Base will be in, then the phones can connect via the WiFi network and SIM cards will not be required. Similarly, if just the Base receiver is within range of WiFi (say at your clubhouse) then it will not need a SIM card.

    US Customers Note: The supplied phones do NOT support networks that use CDMA technology such as Verizon, Sprint, Boost and FreedomPop. Supported carriers
    (that use LTE)
    include AT&T, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, Cricket etc. Verizon has expanded its LTE service greatly in recent years and so it is worth checking whether this is available at your site.

  • A mini tripod for the Base antenna is supplied. However, for a more permanent installation, it would be better to mount the antenna on a more substantial mount designed say for rooftop use or attaching to a vertical pole.
  • If required, a suitable windscreen mount for the smartphone in the boat.
  • Suitable power supplies for the GPS receivers. The type of power supplies will depend largely on whether your Base will be mobile or permanent. The power input for both receivers is via a standard USB Type A connector so the power source could be from a suitable mains adapter, or, if you intend a mobile installation, you could use rechargeable power packs (we often use 26,000mAH power packs which run a receiver and phone easily for 24 hours). In the boat, many of the newer models now come with USB power/aux sockets. If not, then a rechargeable power pack can be used or a suitable 12V to USB adapter that fits in the cigarette lighter socket is fine.

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