Users Hints & Tips - Sure-Path GPS Boat Lane Tracking

Boat Lane Tracking
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Users Hints & Tips
This section will list ideas and solutions that Sure-path users have found to be useful.

Alternative Cables
The supplied antenna cable that comes with the white survey grade antennas is of type RG174. As such they are quite thin and prone to damage. Also it is difficult to crimp the connections at each end and it only takes a relatively small force to separate the cable from the connector.

Replacing the RG174 cable with the thicker RG58 cable is a huge improvement. This 10' cable from is an excellent choice for use in the boat: 10 feet RG58 TNC Male to SMA Male Pigtail Jumper

Another option is to use RG58 cable with an SMA connector at the receiver end and a BNC connector at the other end. This together with a BNC to TNC converter (to attach to the white antenna) makes for a strong combination.

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