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Transferring Survey Data to a PC for Homologation
Sure-Path data can be exported to and used in approved Homologation software such as Emmanuel Lion's Waterski Homologation.  To facilitate transfer of the survey data to a PC, a small Windows utility needs to be used. Follow the instructions below: Note: The Data Transfer Utility can now export native .hom files (can be opened directly with the homologation program) and also KML files (slalom only at this stage) which can be imported as overlays by Google Earth and Google Maps.

  1. Click here to download the utility (version to a suitable location on your PC.
  2. Run the downloaded utility program. (Windows may prompt you and ask you to confirm that you trust the program).
  3. Ensure the Rover phone is on the same WiFi network as the PC.
  4. On the Rover phone, enter Survey Mode (slalom, jump or trick) and load the survey file you wish to transfer.
  5. Open the menu and select "Export to PC via UDP". Confirm the "Ready to send data" message.
  6. On the PC, the utility should pop up a message indicating that data is waiting to be received (if it doesn't, send it again from the Rover).

  7. Once received, one or more of the Save buttons will become enabled. To make the data available to the Lion Homologation program, click the "Save As HOM" button. Select a filename and location to save the file. You can then close the utility.
  8. Run the Lion Homologation program and open the .hom file you have just saved. From then on it is the same as for any other homologation.

  9. If you have chosen to save in .KML format, see the Google documentation on how to import such a file into Google Earth or Google Maps.

  10. If you have chosen to save in .CSV format, the saved file can be opened with Microsoft Excel or similar. Ensure that Excel is expecting commas, not tabs as the delimiter. Open the file and for slalom it should look like this:

  11. Highlight the three columns as shown (the third column is "Height Above Sea level") and copy/paste directly into the Homologation software (this is assuming you have already set up a homologation file in the homologation application and started a "Waterski Slalom Course" element or a "Waterski Jump Course" element). All three columns must be present! Also remember that Homologation Mode must be set to "GPS Coordinates" and Angle Unit must be "Decimal Degrees". It should look like this:

    Note: Do not use "Right Click/Paste" to paste into the homologation software as this only pastes into one cell. Instead, single click the top left cell and use Edit/Paste or Ctrl+V.

  12. For Jump, the CSV file will look like this:

    Note that for Jump, the CSV file contains the data for two Lion elements. Rows 3 to 20 contain the data for the standard Waterski Jump Course element. Rows 22 to 42 contain the data for a Video Jump Buoys element.

  13. From then on, it is the same as for any other homologation.

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