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Sure-Path Monitor
"Sure-Path Monitor" is an Android app which displays boat path data at the end of each pass, live as it is generated from a Sure-Path rover. The app is primarily aimed at Chief Drivers wishing to remotely monitor the performance of a driver during tournament.

To download and install the app on an Android device, use its browser to go to Because the app is not being downloaded from the Google Play Store, you will need to give the system permission at some stage and possibly start the process a second time.

In the same way as the Sure-Path Judging application, the Monitor relies on data being transmitted from the rover via the WaterskiConnect server and therefpre the rover must be have its Scoring Mode set to WaterskiConnect and an appropriate Event name chosen. See here for more information.

Once the Monitor is installed, open the menu (top right) to set the "Event Name" to that set in the Sure-Path rover and, if the Event Name is in the format of an IWWF sanction code, you must also provide an "Event PIN" (available from the Scoring software in use for the tournament).

Once connected and running, the app will display boat path data as it is generated by the Sure-Path rover in exactly the same manner as in the rover phone.

The app only retains the last 20 passes received from the server and overwrites on an oldest first basis.

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