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Copyright and the leasing out of Sure-Path
The Question
Many people ask, or more likely don't think to ask, can I lease out my Sure-Path system for use in a tournament?

The Answer
The short answer is no or, at least, not without specific permission. The End User Licence Agreement ("EULA") specifically forbids any commercial use of the software. This includes copying, reproducing, distributing or leasing the software for financial gain in any form. If you wish to do any of these things you MUST contact us first and come to an arrangement. The Sure-Path EULA can be viewed from the app's main screen menu or here.

If you wish to know more about software and licensing, then read on.

Copyright Law
There is a very common misconception regarding the nature of software. Unlike hardware, when users buy a piece of software, they do not become the owners of that particular copy of the software. Rather they have purchased a "licence to use" the software and, in almost all cases, it is for "personal use" only. Think of software as being like a musical or written work and as such the written code gains automatic protection under Copyright Law. The EULA specifies the terms under which the software can be used and virtually all EULAs specifically prohibit commercial use. The Sure-Path apps are no exception to this.

A Pragmatic Approach
That said, we are not against the leasing out of Sure-Path as a matter of principle. We want this amazing technology to be as accessible as possible to as many as possible in our sport and hence have priced the system with a minimal margin. From our point of view, we see the term "commercial" as being the key word in the EULA. Our sport relies heavily on the goodwill and time of volunteers. If a Sure-Path owner wishes to make their own personal system available to an event organiser, then we think it not unreasonable for that person to be reimbursed reasonable expenses in the same way that judges and officials are. However, if it is clear that the owner is making it available in order to make money without having first obtained permission, then this would be a breach of the EULA.

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