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GPS & Network Settings
RTK Error Source
Default: Sure-Path Server
Selects whether to receive base data from USB, Sure-Path Server or NTRIP Server. There are various commercial NTRIP services available which negate the need for the user to run their own base station. Traditionally these have been quite expensive but more and more free services are becoming available, particularly in the USA.
Sure-Path Server URL
Default: "".
The network address of the server used as a relay point between Base phone and Rover phone.
Sure-Path Server Port
Default: 50012
The TCP port used at the server
Sure-Path Mountpoint
The user friendly name of the Sure-Path base correction stream the rover wishes to connect to. This is pre-configured for Sure-Path base owners.
Sure-Path Password
The password associated with the Mountpoint (pre-configured)
NTRIP Server Address
The network address of the NTRIP server if used.
NTRIP Server Port
Default: 2101
The TCP port used by the NTRIP server. For commercial services, this is often 2101
NTRIP Mountpoint
The user friendly name of the corrections feed the rover wishes to receive. A list of available streams is retrieved and displayed automatically. A feed should be selected in the following order of preference:
  1. A "Networked Base" feed that uses the "VRS" or "iMAX" algorithm and which uses the most satellite constellations (eg GPS & GLONASS & GALILEO). Such a solution works no matter how far from a physical base the rover is.
  2. A "Single Base" correction feed where the nearest base is automatically selected based on the rover's transmitted location. This only gives good results if the rover is close to a physical base (ideally within 6 miles / 10km).
  3. Manually selected base feed based on proximity between rover and the base.
NTRIP User Name
Commercial/Public NTRIP servers require an account to receive base data. This is the username for the account.
NTRIP Password
The password associated with the NTRIP user account.
Bluetooth Device
The Bluetooth ID of the Sure-Path RTK receiver. The receiver must have been Bluetooth "paired" using the phone's settings page before it will appear as an available ID in this list.
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